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8/1/24 Jewish Renaissance: Tales of (Yiddish) New York

7/3/24 AllMusic: Alex Weiser: in a dark blue night Review

5/22/24 Forward: Opera brings to life the poignant fate of the Great Yiddish Dictionary

5/20/24 Beyond the Music: The Breath of the City

5/10/24 Forverts: Opera brings to life the little-known story of the Great Yiddish Dictionary [Yiddish]

4/10/24 In Geveb: New Inspirations for Jewish Music: A Review of the Concert Inaugurating this Year’s POLIN Music Festival

3/31/24 Alex Weiser captures the dusky nights of New York immigrants

3/30/24 Culturedarm: Tracks of the Week

3/30/24 The Arts Desk: Classical CDs: Fog, overdubs and broken glass

3/28/24 New York Jewish Week / JTA: A Jewish grandmother’s Coney Island memories inspire a new album by her composer grandson

3/14/24 The Shmooze: in a dark blue night: two song cycles on Yiddish/Jewish New York

3/08/24 Ruch Muzyczny: O sztuce i materii
2/24/24 Polityka: Muzyka łagodna i refleksyjna
2/24/24 Polskie Radio: Alex Weiser: koncert "Tfiles" pisałem tak, jakbym pisał pieśń

1/31/24 Take Effect: Ashley Bathgate

1/12/24 Ludwig Van Toronto: SCRUTINY | Sara Schabas Recital Honours Composers Under The Shadow Of The Nazi Holocaust

1/11/24 Opera Ramblings: Sara Schabas – In a Dark Blue Night


12/15/23 Tablet Magazine: Tevye’s Forgotten Daughter

12/14/23 Ludwig Van Toronto: Preview | Sarah Schabas And Isabelle David Present Canadian Premiere of Yiddish Song Cycle by Alex Weiser

9/14/23 The Wholenote: Editor's Corner

9/23 Textura: Ashley Bathgate: 8-Track

8/29 AllMusic: Review

8/7/23 Bandcamp: The Best Contemporary Classical on Bandcamp: July 2023

7/27/23 New York Times: 5 Classical Music Albums You Can Listen to Right Now

7/12/23 Star Tribune: Review: Cantus ends its season with moving music by Jewish composers

7/12/23 Pioneer Press: Review: Cantus' performance shows off impact of Weiser song cycle

7/23 Pakntreger: The Yiddish Dictionary That Inspired an Opera

6/27/23 Gapplegate: Ashley Bathgate, 8-Track, Minimalist Goodies for Cello(s)

1/23 Sapir Journal: The Jewish Future Needs Yiddish


12/22 Textura: Alex Weiser: water hollows stone

12/08/22 The Merzbau Podcast Episode 6: Alex Weiser on Fra Angelico's 'The Last Judgement'

12/22 The Whole Note: Editors Corner

11/30/22 Reboot: Yiddish Folksong: Past, Present & Future

10/23/22 Modern Notebook with Tyler Kline

10/11/22 Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review: Alex Weiser, Hocket, Water Hollows Stone

5/11/22 Jewish Standard: Reviving forgotten Yiddish folk songs


12/28/21 Tablet Magazine: Streets of New York

10/28/21 The Shmooze: Episode 0310: The Great Dictionary of the Yiddish Language"

7/26/21 I Care If You Listen: "After the Storm," Contemporaneous Reflects on Pandemic Lessons and Social Issues

5/3/21 Jewish Book Council: Setting Yiddish Poetry to Music: A Conversation with Alex Weiser

1/5/21 Forbes: Song Cycle Based On Yiddish Poems By Immigrants To New York Premieres Online At Sunset Today

1/4/21 The New Yorker: in a dark blue night


12/30/20 Tablet Magazine: Yiddish Poetry, Set to Music

12/21/20 Forverts: Musical premiere: New York at night in Yiddish poetry [Yiddish]

10/17/20 CVNC An Online Arts Journal in North Carolina: Music for a Great Space Presents Schwarz Bournaki Duo & EMF Friends

9/22/20 Haaretz: The Music of Alex Weiser: Yiddish Was Like A Homecoming For Me [Hebrew]

7/5/20 Bund Podcast: Episode 7: Alex Weiser

6/30/20 Premiere: Classical music compositions inspired by Yiddish folksongs [Yiddish]

5/13/20 The Jewish Week: Work at YIVO Inspires Finalist for a Pulitzer

5/12/20 NYU Steinhardt News: Composition Alum is Finalist for Pulitzer Prize in Music

5/7/20 Forward: Album of Yiddish songs is nominated for a Pulitzer [English]

5/6/20 Forverts: Album of Yiddish songs is nominated for a Pulitzer [Yiddish]

5/6/20 Tablet Magazine: Yiddish Album Gets Pulitzer Recognition

5/4/20 New Music Box: Anthony Davis Wins 2020 Pulitzer Prize In Music

1/8/20 Jewish Journal: A Glimpse of Zion

1/7/20 Radio Sefarad: Alex Weiser: historia, sonido y creatividad


12/18/19 The Algemeiner: Theodor Herzl at the Opera

12/12/19 The Shmooze: Episode 0240 "Riffing with Alex Weiser"

12/6/19 kan reshet bet: Omer Ben Rubi im tarbut yom vav [Hebrew]

12/5/19 Forward: New Opera About Theodor Herzl Explores His Complex Nature [English]

12/4/19 Forverts: New Opera About Theodor Herzl Explores His Complex Nature [Yiddish]

11/28/19 The Times of Israel: State of the Jews: The Operatic Life of Herzl

11/26/19 The Jewish Week: A N.Y.C. Opera Will Give Herzl's Wife A Star Turn

8/9/19 San Francisco Classical Voice: Leave No Good Idea Behind: Millennial Composers Embrace a Cosmopolitan Style

8/1/19 American Record Guide: WEISER: And All The Days Were Purple

7/17/19 Second Inversion: Album Review: 'And All the Days Were Purple' by Alex Weiser

6/22/19 An Earful: Record Roundup: Contemporary Classical In Brief

6/13/19 I Care If You Listen: Alex Weiser Explores the Divine on "and all the days were purple"

6/10/19 The New Yorker: Goings On About Town: Alex Weiser

6/4/19 WRUU Contemporary Classics: Conversation with Alex Weiser

6/19 Textura: Alex Weiser: and all the days were purple

5/22/19 In Geveb: Sweeping, Bewitching, Divinely Dissonant: A Review of Alex Weiser's Album and all the days were purple

5/11/19 The Daily Beast: For Some Jews, Yiddish History Is Sanctuary. For Others, It's 'Dangerous.'

4/24/19 Tablet Magazine: The Joys of Yiddish Poetry

4/12/19 New York Music Daily / Lucid Culture: Alex Weiser Resurrects a Brilliantly Obscure Tradition of Jewish Art-Song

4/12/19 Sequenza 21 / Get Classical: And All The Days Were Purple

4/2/19 LABA Journal: Jewish But Not Judaic: Alex Weiser's New Album

3/27/19 The Forward: From Alex Weiser, A New Musical Home For Yiddish

3/27/19 Roulette: Spotlight On Alex Weiser


12/10/18 Feast of Music: Songs About "The Song of Songs" at YIVO

5/13/18 Lucid Culture: The Bang on a Can Marathon 2018 - A Marathon Report

3/6/18 Oregon Artswatch: Spontaneous Combustion reviews 2: sublime solos, dynamic duo


6/25/17 The New York Times: Cellist in an Echo Chamber, Echo Chamber

5/30/17 Feast of Music: "and all the days were purple": Music by Alex Weiser at Roulette


6/24/16 Relevant Tones: The Young Generation

6/14/16 I Care If You Listen: Kettle Corn New Music Closes 4th Season with Epitaphs and Fairytales

6/1/16 Sybaritic Singer: in Performance: Kettle Corn New Music featuring Cantata Profana

5/26/16 Rockaway Times: Keeping Classical Music Alive with Kettle Corn


11/16/15 New Classic LA: HOCKET interviews Alex Weiser

6/8/15 New York Times: Lisa Moore at DiMenna Center

5/7/15 I Care If You Listen: Three Nights at MATA Keeps Your Ear on its Toes

4/20/15 Wall Street Journal: Kids These Days


9/25/14 I Care If You Listen: Kettle Corn hosts Sandbox Percussion

9/16/14 Feast of Music: A Showcase for the Power of Percussion at Kettle Corn New Music

8/20/14 I Care If You Listen: Kettle Corn New Music Satisfies Audience's Sweet Tooth

8/7/14 Metroland: Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival

6/5/14 The Brooklyn Rail: MATA April 17, 2014: That Which Remains

6/4/14 The Huffington Post: Kettle Corn Pops at the DiMenna Center

5/5/14 Lucid Culture: An Auspicious Portrait of Emerging Composers...

5/4/14 Seen and Heard International: A Collage of the Edgy and the Creative


8/5/13 Feast of Music: Kettle Corn New Music Brings Innovative Art Songs to Spectrum

8/5/13 The Huffington Post: The Sound of Young Composers

5/25/13 New York Times: New Tunes, Old Friends and Poems Set to Song


12/20/06 Stuyvesant Spectator: Modern Mozarts