Alex Weiser

12/28/21 Tablet Magazine: Streets of New York 7/26/21 I Care If You Listen: "After the Storm," Contemporaneous Reflects on Pandemic Lessons and Social Issues 5/3/21 Jewish Book Council: Setting Yiddish Poetry to Music: A Conversation with Alex Weiser 1/5/21 Forbes: Song Cycle Based On Yiddish Poems By Immigrants To New York Premieres Online At Sunset Today 1/4/21 The New Yorker: in a dark blue night 12/30/20 Talblet Magazine: Yiddish Poetry, Set to Music 12/21/20 Forverts: Musical premiere: New York at night in Yiddish poetry [Yiddish] 10/17/20 CVNC An Online Arts Journal in North Carolina: Music for a Great Space Presents Schwarz Bournaki Duo & EMF Friends 9/22/20 Haaretz: The Music of Alex Weiser: Yiddish Was Like A Homecoming For Me [Hebrew] 7/5/20 Bund Podcast: Episode 7: Alex Weiser 6/30/20 Premiere: Classical music compositions inspired by Yiddish folksongs [Yiddish] 5/13/20 The Jewish Week: Work at YIVO Inspires Finalist for a Pulitzer 5/12/20 NYU Steinhardt News: Composition Alum is Finalist for Pulitzer Prize in Music 5/7/20 Forward: Album of Yiddish songs is nominated for a Pulitzer [English] 5/6/20 Forverts: Album of Yiddish songs is nominated for a Pulitzer [Yiddish] 5/6/20 Talblet Magazine: Yiddish Album Gets Pulitzer Recognition 5/4/20 New Music Box: Anthony Davis Wins 2020 Pulitzer Prize In Music 1/8/20 Jewish Journal: A Glimpse of Zion 1/7/20 Radio Sefarad: Alex Weiser: historia, sonido y creatividad 12/18/19 The Algemeiner: Theodor Herzl at the Opera 12/12/19 The Shmooze: Episode 0240 "Riffing with Alex Weiser" 12/6/19 kan reshet bet: Omer Ben Rubi im tarbut yom vav [Hebrew] 12/5/19 Forward: New Opera About Theodor Herzl Explores His Complex Nature [English] 12/4/19 Forverts: New Opera About Theodor Herzl Explores His Complex Nature [Yiddish] 11/28/19 The Times of Israel: State of the Jews: The Operatic Life of Herzl 11/26/19 The Jewish Week: A N.Y.C. Opera Will Give Herzl's Wife A Star Turn 8/9/19 San Francisco Classical Voice: Leave No Good Idea Behind: Millennial Composers Embrace a Cosmopolitan Style 7/17/19 Second Inversion: Album Review: 'And All the Days Were Purple' by Alex Weiser 6/22/19 An Earful: Record Roundup: Contemporary Classical In Brief 6/13/19 I Care If You Listen: Alex Weiser Explores the Divine on "and all the days were purple" 6/10/19 The New Yorker: Goings On About Town: Alex Weiser 6/4/19 WRUU Contemporary Classics: Conversation with Alex Weiser 6/19 Textura: Alex Weiser: and all the days were purple 5/22/19 In Geveb: Sweeping, Bewitching, Divinely Dissonant: A Review of Alex Weiser's Album and all the days were purple 5/11/19 The Daily Beast: For Some Jews, Yiddish History Is Sanctuary. For Others, It's 'Dangerous.' 4/24/19 Tablet Magazine: The Joys of Yiddish Poetry 4/12/19 New York Music Daily / Lucid Culture: Alex Weiser Resurrects a Brilliantly Obscure Tradition of Jewish Art-Song 4/12/19 Sequenza 21 / Get Classical: And All The Days Were Purple 4/2/19 LABA Journal: Jewish But Not Judaic: Alex Weiser's New Album 3/27/19 The Forward: From Alex Weiser, A New Musical Home For Yiddish 3/27/19 Roulette: Spotlight On Alex Weiser 12/10/18 Feast of Music: Songs About "The Song of Songs" at YIVO 5/13/18 Lucid Culture: The Bang on a Can Marathon 2018 - A Marathon Report 3/6/18 Oregon Artswatch: Spontaneous Combustion reviews 2: sublime solos, dynamic duo 6/25/17 The New York Times: Cellist in an Echo Chamber, Echo Chamber 5/30/17 Feast of Music: "and all the days were purple": Music by Alex Weiser at Roulette 6/24/16 Relevant Tones: The Young Generation 6/14/16 I Care If You Listen: Kettle Corn New Music Closes 4th Season with Epitaphs and Fairytales 6/1/16 Sybaritic Singer: in Performance: Kettle Corn New Music featuring Cantata Profana 5/26/16 Rockaway Times: Keeping Classical Music Alive with Kettle Corn 11/16/15 New Classic LA: HOCKET interviews Alex Weiser 6/8/15 New York Times: Lisa Moore at DiMenna Center 5/7/15 I Care If You Listen: Three Nights at MATA Keeps Your Ear on its Toes 4/20/15 Wall Street Journal: Kids These Days 9/25/14 I Care If You Listen: Kettle Corn hosts Sandbox Percussion 9/16/14 Feast of Music: A Showcase for the Power of Percussion at Kettle Corn New Music 8/20/14 I Care If You Listen: Kettle Corn New Music Satisfies Audience's Sweet Tooth 8/7/14 Metroland: Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival 6/5/14 The Brooklyn Rail: MATA April 17, 2014: That Which Remains 6/4/14 The Huffington Post: Kettle Corn Pops at the DiMenna Center 5/5/14 Lucid Culture: An Auspicious Portrait of Emerging Composers... 5/4/14 Seen and Heard International: A Collage of the Edgy and the Creative 8/5/13 Feast of Music: Kettle Corn New Music Brings Innovative Art Songs to Spectrum 8/5/13 The Huffington Post: The Sound of Young Composers 5/25/13 New York Times: New Tunes, Old Friends and Poems Set to Song 2/14/08 Yale University Art Gallery Podcast: A Sound Response: Art and Music 12/20/06 Stuyvesant Spectator: Modern Mozarts

10/12/21 Di Goldene Land: Yiddish Songs of the American Dream and a Bitter Reality, Smithsonian Folklife Magazine 12/11/20 Alex Weiser: Poetry as Conduit, Complexity, Contradiction, Sparks and Wiry Cries 11/24/20 Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata by Shloyme Bastomski, In Geveb 10/20 Ode to Oy, Jewish Renaissance 11/21/19 State of the Jews, LABA Journal 11/1/19 Composing Identity: A History of Yiddish Folksong in Classical Music, Smithsonian Folklife Magazine 7/10/19 Yiddish Classical Music in America, New Music Box 3/6/19 A Homecoming to a Jewish World I Never Knew Existed, YIVO 2/8/19 State of the Jews: An Opera by Alex Weiser and Ben Kaplan, Asylum Arts 1/17/19 Reconsidering Julie Herzl, Theodor's Unhappy Wife, LABA Journal 11/20/18 Musical Settings of the Song of Songs, YIVO 11/8/17 Antisemities and Jews Agree: Gustav Mahler is a Jewish Composer, YIVO 11/3/10 Meditation on Music and the Visual Arts, Midnight at Yale 9/17/10 Review of Steve Reich's "Double Sextet/2x5", Yale Daily News 9/2/10 Meditating on Music, Yale Daily News

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